About me

Everything I meet on my journey is put into pictures. The way the world resonates within me, it floods out again, into the light.

Reality is not enough for me, I try to capture what is behind it, the atmosphere, the feeling. If I manage to capture something of the essence, I am ultimately satisfied.

I’ve been interested in botanical studies for some time now. The eternal theme is portraiture and figurative composition. From this combination a series of months – a calendar (completed spring 2022) was created.

Poems speak to me, words that open up wide landscapes of endless inspiration. I often work on commission. I lead regular creative sessions in my studio.

Eight years ago I moved with my children from Prague to a small village in Central Bohemia. We got more space to breathe, got closer to the landscape, nature and animals.

Since 2003 freelance, working with companies, on commission and freelance work:

drawings, paintings, illustrations, comics, storyboards, animations, graphic and artistic designs, toy designs, installations, papier-mâché objects, art workshops, courses

2001 – 2003 evening school of figure drawing (academic painter Vladimír Vošahlík)

1998 – 2003 Fontis, Ltd. – artist, animator, graphic designer and Duran animace Ltd.- artist,

1995 – 1997 Film School Zlín – animation

1991-1995 SUPŠ, Prague 3

In the studio and its surroundings there is a favourable environment for a small group of creatives. For all those who are happy when painting, drawing or modeling. Age differences are welcome.

We each have our own unique world. In the group we can explore other original artistic views. To branch out our inspiration, to enrich ourselves.

My job is to encourage the individuality of each individual, to create a free background. In the second row, to show and advise. When we are creative we renew our vitality, we materialize the intangible within. This „work“ is also a form of natural therapy and active relaxation.

I have the privilege of accompanying teenagers who need preparation for exams for various art schools.